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Drew Brees On The Dan Patrick Show

Posted by NewOrleansSaints.com on 01/16/2013 – 7:37 pm

QB Drew Brees spoke with the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday morning. Watch the full interview here. Some highlights below: Super Bowl XLV-Radio Row

On what he did for his birthday on Tuesday: “It was also our oldest son Baylen’s fourth birthday. He was born on my 30th birthday. So it’s easy to keep track of how old I am, you just have to add 30 years onto whatever age he is at. My birthday went out the window the minute he was born because January 15th became all about him. We took him to a Justin Bieber concert last night in New Orleans. I believe the loudest sound in the world is the piercing scream of thousands of teenage girls seeing Justin Bieber walk on stage. There is no doubt. It was a pretty cool experience. Baylen and our middle son Bowen had a great time.”

On comparing the sound of a Justin Bieber concert in New Orleans to a Saints home playoff game: “My wife (Brittany) has the perspective because she is use to sitting in the dome every Sunday. As a player on the field you kind of tune it out. So I don’t think you get that same perspective but she said that was louder than a Saints home game in the Superdome, which gets pretty crazy.”

On his gameday routine: “I go to my locker and I put tickets at will call in case there is anybody I am leaving them for. I lay my clothes out the exact same way every time. I get dressed and put my gameplan in front of me. I sit down for a period of time and go through certain sections of it in the order that I always do. I go and get stretched. I tie my shoes the same way. I go out and do warm ups the same way with the receivers. I go back in the locker room and put my uniform on the same way.”

On what he believes is the main reason why the Saints didn’t make the playoffs this season: “We didn’t make the plays. Plain and simple. I can point to at least three or four games. You do this every year. At the end of the year you say ‘we could have had this one or could have had that one.’ Obviously that would have made a difference. There are definitely three or four games where you say ‘if we make this play or that play, I think it completely changes the outcome of that game.’ Maybe that would have been enough to get us in. We lost our last game at home against Carolina, but prior to that I thought we were playing some of our best football in two of those last three games. You want to be playing your best ball at the end of the season. Those are usually the teams that do well in the playoffs. Had we been able to (get in the playoffs), I felt like we would have been a tough team.”

On how different the season would have been had Sean Payton been with the team: “I really can’t speculate. I really don’t know how much of a difference that makes. Obviously his presence, not only on the offensive side of the ball but on the defensive side of the ball as well… he has such an unbelievable ability to read our team and know exactly what message needs to be communicated and delivered at the right time. Certainly we missed that and missed his presence. It’s really hard to say how that would have affected either side of the ball or us as a team. His presence would have been a great thing for us.”

On if Heisman Trophy Winner Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel can succeed in the NFL: “I don’t see why not? The guy is unbelievable as a redshirt freshman. Obviously there is a jump from the college game to the NFL. Just because you have success in the college game doesn’t guarantee you anything in the NFL but I think there are a lot of intangibles that come with a guy like Johnny Manziel. Just like there are a bunch of intangibles that come with a guy like RG3 or Russell Wilson. Guys that maybe are running a little bit different style of offense than a traditional offense in the NFL and yet they are having a ton of success doing it because they great players. They can run, throw and despite whatever size disadvantage people want to label them with, they overcome that because they are football players.”

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